David Piper was a professional computer and IT engineer, specializing in vintage, esoteric and experimental systems.

In other words, I fixed ATM and EPOS equipment and L.A.M.P. servers. I like Mac computers and Linux, especially UBUNTU. I am the GURU of out of date systems like RISC, CP/M, and Foxpro.

I build websites mostly with WordPress but I also have a penchant for Drupal.


header piccie
If you are wondering about this photograph: the camera belonged to my father, it’s a 1958 Kodak Retinette IIb, sadly it no longer works, but it has sentimental value, the Post It note should explain itself, the Apple is a type of computer, I also like the picture of Tennis Girl and I had the poster on my wall at college. I have a collection of pre decimal money and that ten bob note is the pride of my collection. The passport is a dig at BREXIT.