Leave and a Deal

Brexit is a reality. After all the years of discussion, lies, and nonsense we are at the end. The deal, thin to the point of transparent is done. Off we go into the big wide world, with our sovereignty intact. (Sovereignty is a bit like virginity, nice to have but maybe a good sex life is better?)

Except, despite Mr. Johnson’s claim that he got Brexit done, it’s not done. It’s not done for two reasons:

One: forever and a day the UK will be adjusting, renegotiating, and modifying the deal. And each and every time it’s the EU who will call the shots. We are a rule-taker and will be until we rejoin.

Two: the 48%, who are probably going to grow in numbers once the full horror is realised of what has just happened and its impact on the UK. The campaign to rejoin as a full member state, or join the single market or customs union will grow in size, and at some point in the future, I am confident the UK will rejoin the EU in some form or another.

I sincerely hope Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Jacob Rees Mogg, Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, Lord Michael Howard, and Anne Main all live long and healthy lives so they are able to witness our return to the European Union.

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