GE2019 – my opinion

GE2019 – my opinion




To be fair my opinion does not amount to much in the big scheme of things, but anyway why not? I’ve got a blog, might as well use it.

Johnson has a massive majority. I wanted a Labour win or a hung parliament. So I am somewhat disappointed.

Corbyn never had a chance. Never mind the policies, the man does not look the part. If you go back to the 1960s The then prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas Home made an observation. “So it’s how I look more important than my intellect?” Home had an unfortunate face that looked like a skull on the old black and white TV screens. But he was correct, appearance is important. There have ben some unkind comparisons to Corbyn and Albert Steptoe.

For all his faults, Johnson looks and sounds the part.

Tactical voting. This never took off, despite a massive social media push to make it a thing. It did work in my constituency, the incumbent Anne Main was removed and replaced by the Liberal Democrat Daisy Cooper. Cooper worked hard campaigning in St Albans. I saw one leaflet form Main. She got what she deserved. I am still waiting for a reply to a letter sent a year ago. Not much chance now. I will write again this time to Cooper and she if she replies!

BREXIT is definitely going to happen now. Out by the end of January. But it’s not over. In a years time another deadline looms, that for the transition period. Expect more drama Parliament.

I am of the opinion that BREXIT will upset 48% of the public. Then in the months and years ahead it will upset the other 52% of the public as the promised land of the good life outside the EU fails to arrive, and we sink into deeper austerity, NHS privatised, chlorinated chicken, industry leaving in their droves as ‘Just in time’ supply chains become unviable due to queues of lorries at Dover.

In the meantime the country needs to heal. Except many of my BREXIT supporting “friends” are gloating on social media and posting unpleasant comments. We will not heal under these circumstances. It shows a lack of care and understanding. Was it ever so. Not listening to the intellectual arguments. Rejecting the experts.

The only fix is for Johnson to go for a soft BREXIT. Maybe that’s been the plan all along. Soft would mitigate many of the issues. But it would be BREXIT in name only.

Who knows? I sometimes think that no one knows, and the politicians are making it up as they go along.

No way to run a country!

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