BREXIT -It’s here!

So it’s happened, we left the EU. The Brexiteerts were all busy celebrating. It’s a hollow celebration, no representation in Europe but still aligned to all the rules. In my view a huge step backwards.
But BREXIT was all about slogans and campaigning to leave. No substance to the arguments. “Get BREXIT done!” won the election. But it’s not done, it’s hardly got started. Now the really difficult part starts, Jonson has to make it work. All those slogans have to become reality. The UK needs that deal, the one we could do in an afternoon, the one the German car industry would demand. The border with Ireland is still there and still needs a solution. All those manufacturing goods in the UK need their supply chains to run smoothly. The fishing industry needs a solution. The fish processing industry needs a solution. The City of London financial market needs a solution. EVERYTHING needs a solution, and I have not seen a shred of evidence that the government has a solution.
Time to stop campaigning to leave and start fixing the problems. Blaming the EU for the problems won’t wash. You got your BREXIT, now prove to me it can work.
£350 million a week for the NHS anybody?

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