Brexit – The Reality

Brexit is here, and it’s much more disruptive than I had ever imagined.
Before I discuss the here and now, let’s go back to 19th October 2019. I was in London, for an anti-Brexit rally. I had some EU propaganda, a couple of big blue badges on my coat.
While minding my own business on the platform at Watford Junction I got some abuse from a Leaver, it was along the lines of “We had a referendum and we fucking won. You remoaner cunt.”
There was more abuse on the walk from Euston to the protest at the House of Commons. All along the lines of “Remoaner” and “We won”.
I get a bit of abuse online as well, and it’s all “remoaner” stuff.
What I have never had is a well thought out logical argument in favour of leaving the EU that makes me think, “Oh, I had not thought of that!”

I had a conversation with my neighbour a while back, his comments were that his dad had fought the Germans in the war and he did not want the Germans telling us what to do. He also said if he had the choice he would vote leave again.
My dad also fought in the war, he was in North Africa fighting the Nazis’ Africa Korps, and then he fought the Italians in Sicily and came home injured. My Uncle Arthur was in Coastal Command during the Battle of Britain, he was lost in action and never found; his name is on the Battle of Britain memorial at Dover. Many of my other male relatives were in the Merchant Navy and they all died on the convoys in the Atlantic. I voted to remain, and I would do so again because the EU has kept peace in Europe for my entire life.
Winston Churchill was an advocate of the EU project. The British were a major participant that created the European Court of Human Rights, it’s charter was written in London by Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe. 47 countries in Europe and beyond are signed up to the ECHR.

Back to the here and now. We have left the EU, and as far as I can tell there are no advantages. I am getting some comments that there are a few glitches and it will sort itself out in time. I don’t think so.
The fishing industry has discovered the hard way that they were wrong.
The road haulage industry knew Brexit was a bad idea and they are proved right.

I am no longer a Remoaner, I am a Rejoiner!

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